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Worlds's first Goat Museum planned for Queensland

The Australian Worker’s Heritage Centre at Barcaldine today announced a campaign to attract sponsorship to establish the world’s first Goat Museum.

The museum will celebrate the role of goats in the settlement of Australia’s outback.  Themes of its exhibitions will include the role of goats in supporting rural families with milk, meat, skins and transport, as companions for children, in commerce, and in recreation through goat races.

As goat historian Faye Schutt points out, “Goats supplied milk, meat and skins in places where it was impossible to keep sheep.  They also provided small scale transport.  Usually driven by children, goat carts would take milk to the farm gate, and collect firewood and water.  Teams of up to 20 goats would haul large loads – in one case, they were even used to haul a car out of a creek.  There’s no doubt that many working families owed their survival in tough times to goats.”

“Goats were also used in racing and attracted keen betting interest in many Queensland centres, including Brisbane.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Workers Heritage Centre Bob Gleeson said that the museum will tell an essential story about life in the bush for generations of people.  “Just about anyone who lived in the bush up to about the 1950s has a story about goats, and can tell you how important they were for many people”, he says.

He would like to make special mention of the work of Dr John de Groot of Brisbane, a past resident of Barcaldine.  Dr de Groot, a Patron Member of The Australian Worker’s Heritage Centre, has generously agreed to be a Foundation Sponsor for the proposed goat museum.

Mr Gleeson announced the project team established to develop Australia’s first Goat Museum will be:

  • The Australian Workers Heritage Centre – co-ordination, direction and negotiation

  • Crozier Schutt Associates – historical research and concept development

  • Brandi Projects – exhibition design, construction and installation

  • Brothers Darcy & David Kerrigan – honorary Project Officers

Mr Gleeson said the project team, in close collaboration with sponsors, will bring the vision of the world’s first Goat Museum to reality.  Ensuring this project combined with a number of other planned initiatives in progress at The Australian Worker’s Heritage Centre will significantly add to the critical mass of outstanding attractions in Outback Queensland. 

Lining up for the start of the Barcoo Cup, Barcaldine (date unknown) (Courtesy Rockhampton and District Historical Society)

Further information

Mr Bob Gleeson, CEO, The Australian Worker’s Heritage Centre

M: 0419 181 940 (project information)


Ms Faye Schutt, historian (Crozier Schutt Associates)

P: 07 3355 9023 (history of goats in Queensland)


Queensland Needs a Goat Museum



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